ANADIA 2 Project
RISD20 Conference

Climate change adaptation, Disaster reduction and agriculture development for food security (ANADIA 2) project intervene in Tillabery and Dosso Regions of Niger since 2017.

Co-funded by AICS, IBE (team leader), DMN and DIST-Politecnico and University of Turin, this project aims to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, adapted to climate change and less vulnerable to extreme events. Extending the approach tested with the previous ANADIA project, the Project enhancing collaboration between different administrative levels (Min. of Hydraulics, Min. of Agriculture, Early Warning System, National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Municipalities).

ANADIA 2 presents a selection of final outcomes attended after 3 years’ activity in Niger and aims to compare this work with other similar experiences on going in the broader context of rural tropics.
International Conference on Risk-Informed Sustainable Development in the Rural Tropics.
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Interuniversity Department of Regional
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