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Drought Risk and Water Access

Water Shallow Wells Quality in Vulnerable Environment, North Horr Sub-county, Kenya

Velia BIGI, Alessandro PEZZOLI, Maurizio ROSSO, Elena COMINO


Velia Bigi is is a PhD student in urban and regional development at DIST - University and Politecnico of Turin.

Alessandro Pezzoli is assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino, expert in meteo-hydrological risk assessment and weather risk management. His research considers bio-meteorological and climatological issues and sport performance assessment based on meteorological analysis. He is actually involved in two international cooperation projects dealing with flood early warning system in Niger and environmental heath in Kenya.

Maurizio Rosso is assistant professor expert in hydraulics and water-related issue. In the last years the main topic of his research activity regarded mainly the river management problems and environmental aspects. At the moment he is involved in two international cooperation projects for the development of numerical hydrological and hydraulics models in Niger and water quality assessment in Kenya.

Elena Comino is Associate professor expert in Environmental management engineering and applied ecology. Her research focuses on the integration of phytotecnologies in strategies and programs for the sustainable development as well as on phytoremediation and environmental sustainability. She is actually involved in an international cooperation project in Kenya for the assessment of present vegetation, characteristics and quality of water and soil as well as the possible relationship with main local zoonoses.

Water Resource Management and Sustainability in Faafu Atoll, Maldives



Groundwater Resources in South Sudan: New Insights for Juba Area

Manuela LASAGNA, Sabrina BONETTO, Laura DEBERNARDI, Carlo SEMITA, Domenico DE LUCA


Manuela LASAGNA is a researcher in Applied Geology at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Turin and founding member of the Interdepartmental Center for Research and Technical and Scientific Cooperation with Africa (CISAO).

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Sustainable Management of Territorial Resources in Hodh el Chargui, Mauritania

Sabrina BONETTO, Chiara CASELLE, Domenico DE LUCA, Manuela LASAGNA


International Conference on Risk-Informed Sustainable Development in the Rural Tropics.
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