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Risk-informed Planning

Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Local Development Plans for Rural Tropical Africa: A Systematic Assessment



Maurizio Tiepolo is associate professor of urban and regional planning at Politecnico of Turin. Since 2011 his research concerns climate planning in the Global South. As principal investigator of action-research projects and consultant for development aid programs he coordinated several risk assessments and planning tools in rural and urban areas.

Understanding the Status quo of Disaster Risk Construction Process: Aid Workers Tales from Guatemala and Haiti



Giacomo Cazzola is a PhD student in urban and regional development at DIST - University and Politecnico of Turin. His current research focuses on humanitarian and development aid approaches to disaster risk management in Central America and the Caribbean.

Dynamics of Settlements in Flood-prone Areas of the dallol Maouri, Municipality of Guéchémé, Niger, 2009-2019



The Coral Coast's Strategic Spatial Plan for Local Sustainable Development in Brazil. Facing Multi-Hazard Risks and Opportunities

Gianfranco FRANZ


Gianfranco Franz is associate professor in urban and regional planning at the Dpt. of Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara, Italy. In 2012 he founded Routes towards sustainability, an international university network promoting multi, trans-and cross-disciplinary approaches to the development of places, cities, communities within the framework of sustainability and wellbeing.

Water Shallow Wells Quality in Vulnerable Environment, North Horr Sub-county, Kenya

Velia BIGI, Alessandro PEZZOLI, Maurizio ROSSO, Elena COMINO


Velia Bigi is is a PhD student in urban and regional development at DIST - University and Politecnico of Turin.

Alessandro Pezzoli is assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino, expert in meteo-hydrological risk assessment and weather risk management. His research considers bio-meteorological and climatological issues and sport performance assessment based on meteorological analysis. He is actually involved in two international cooperation projects dealing with flood early warning system in Niger and environmental heath in Kenya.

Maurizio Rosso is assistant professor expert in hydraulics and water-related issue. In the last years the main topic of his research activity regarded mainly the river management problems and environmental aspects. At the moment he is involved in two international cooperation projects for the development of numerical hydrological and hydraulics models in Niger and water quality assessment in Kenya.

Elena Comino is Associate professor expert in Environmental management engineering and applied ecology. Her research focuses on the integration of phytotecnologies in strategies and programs for the sustainable development as well as on phytoremediation and environmental sustainability. She is actually involved in an international cooperation project in Kenya for the assessment of present vegetation, characteristics and quality of water and soil as well as the possible relationship with main local zoonoses.
International Conference on Risk-Informed Sustainable Development in the Rural Tropics.
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