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Risk Reduction in Agriculture

A Survey on Photovoltaic Pumping Plants in West Africa, Problems and Opportunities

Stefano BECHIS, Davide CANONE


Stefano Bechis is a research technician on renewable energies and energy efficiency in rural areas at DIST-University and Politecnico of Turin. Experience in solar drying, rural electrification, photovoltaic water pumping and distribution, gasification stoves in African environment.

Davide Canone is an assistant professor in agricultural hydraulics and watershed management at DIST-University and Politecnico of Turin. Since 2004 he participated to irrigation projects in West Africa.

Agrometeorological Forecast for Smallholder Farmers: A Powerful Tool for Weather-informed Crops Management in the Sahel

Maurizio BACCI


Maurizio Bacci is a researcher at the Institute of BioEconomy - Italian National Research Council with experience on climate change analysis, food security, early warning systems, seasonal forecast, agro-meteorology and disaster risk reduction in Sub Saharan Africa. In the last years, Maurizio organized the activities of the Italian National Research Council for the Regional Meteorological Training Center of the World Meteorological Organization.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Sustainable Access and Management of Territorial Resources in the Hodh el Chargui, Mauritania

Sabrina BONETTO, Chiara CASELLE, Domenico DE LUCA, Manuela LASAGNA


Application of the Aaron Stove to the Transformation of Plastic Residues

Paolo GIGLIO, Stefano BECHIS


Paolo Giglio, honorary consul of Italy in Niger, has been consultant for many international organizations. At present he collaborates with Terresolidali NGO. Paolo is specialized in projects for rural areas supporting micro-enterprises, agricultural mechanization, irrigation, agro-pastoral activities, sustainable energies to reduce food insecurity, poverty and youth unemployment.

Innovation Adoption and Social Stigma: Evidence from Rural Communities in Mozambique

Massimiliano MAZZANTI


Massimiliano Mazzanti is full professor in economic policy at the Economics and Management department of the Ferrara University. Since 2012 he directs the inter university center SEEDS. Massimiliano coordinated the PhD program in ‘Economics and Management of Innovation and Sustainability’. Main research competences revolve around applied environmental economics and policy issues.
International Conference on Risk-Informed Sustainable Development in the Rural Tropics.
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